Monday, August 8, 2011

August update

Wow I really can't believe its August already! This summer has flown by especially since I haven't stopped traveling from tournament to tournament. I've been everywhere from the Midwest to parts of Canada to the current Northeastern leg of the Futures tour. I've definitely seen some steady progress and improvement with my game and know its only a matter of time where my name will be a fixture on the top leaderboard :). Of course, im taking the time to enjoy all the beautiful places Im so lucky to be able to visit. A few weeks ago my father, friend and fellow player Karlin, and I canoed up in Concord, New Hampshire. That was so much fun....even after tipping the canoe half way through the trip. Next time im opting for the single person kayak! I just finished up in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania after a long weekend of rain and of course delays. It was another solid golfing weekend and am ready to go again this week in Richmond,Va! Well, thanks for tuning in! As always I love hearing any questions or comments from all of you!

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