Monday, May 16, 2011

new eyes!

Last Thursday I had Lasik eye surgery....and what a success it has been! Overall the procedure itself was easy considering everything that you gain. First, you have to determine if you're a candidate for the surgery. I was "an easy patient" since my eye sight hadn't changed since I was in high school. The actual surgery took no longer than 10 to 15 minutes and its been amazing ever since. The only issues I've experienced is the dryness typical from this surgery and kinda needing to take it easy golfwise meaning staying away from sand and possible grass clippings that could come into my eyes. I just had my week post-op Friday and I have 20/20 vision!!! I would definitely recommend do Lasik to anyone who wears glasses and contacts....its simply just so nice not having to worry about taking my contacts in or out and wearing glasses. If you have any questions about my surgery fill free to email me!

Other than surgery, its really been nice being home for a little bit. I've had time to work on a few things in my game as well as a little R & R with my friends and family. The days have been full and I've definitely been getting some good sleep at night! The summer is going to really busy with golf and travel... I'm really looking forward to seeing new places, making some new friends, and of course letting that hard work pay off on the course!!!

So here's my tentative schedule so far (hopefully you can keep up):

Monday May 23- US Women's Open Qualifier, Rockville, Maryland
         - 36 hole qualifier, will leave home the 20th to have two solid days for practice
Monday May 30-  Monday Qualifier for LPGA Shoprite (June 3-5) Gallaway, New Jersey
         - assuming I qualify I will be in New Jersey this week....if not I fly to Iowa
June 3-5- LPGA Futures tour, Ladies Titan Tire Challenge, Marion, Iowa
Monday June 6- Monday Qualifier for LPGA Statefarm Classic, Springfield, Illinois 
         -assuming I qualify then I stay in Springfield, if not fly to Mason, Ohio
June 10-12- LPGA Futures tour, Teva Championship, Mason, Ohio
June 13-15- Canadian Women's Tour Event, Montreal
June 17-19- LPGA Futures tour, Decatur, Illinois
June 24-26- LPGA Futures tour, Harris, Michigan 
June 27-29- Canadian Women's Tour Event, Toronto 

so far this is what I have.... my schedule may change here and there at the end of June when I make it to the Open : ).....  like I said its gonna be busy!!! Thanks for reading and keeping up with me!

Also I have a few recipes I've recently made:

French Onion Soup  (seriously easiest soup to make!)
1-2 carton of no sodium added organic beef stock
2- roughly sliced/chopped sweet onion
3/4 cloves fresh garlic, crushed
wine or beer (optional)
sea salt, pepper (to taste)

In a skillet (preferably cast iron), saute onions and garlic in a little olive oil. After a few minutes of browning, I added a few swigs of red wine... I really loved the taste in the soup! Let onions cook until they are pretty translucent or clear... also toss in a pinch of salt to allow the sugars from the onions come out. Next, pour in some of the stock in to the skillet and stir it around to let the flavors combine....then transfer to a soup pot. Last, is just adding salt or pepper to your liking!!! Easy Breezy!

optional- toasted bread with melted provolone. I used sliced bread "croutons" from the store...such a time saver then just popped them in the oven with cheese on top til the were brown and bubbling.

Seriously yummy French Toast!!!
not much to this one either but it was amazing

Raisin bread- love Ezekiel bread products
vanilla extract- just a few drops
1 egg, 2 egg whites
non-fat buttermilk (key ingredient!!!)

In a wide bowl, mix in buttermilk, eggs, vanilla, and cinnamon.....then dunk the bread and throw it on a hot skillet!!! so good!!!

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