Monday, November 8, 2010

Top Tips for staying clean and fit on the road

 Here are some of my survival tips for traveling, eating out, and staying in shape.

Drink your WATER! I constantly have a water bottle in hand. Staying hydrated is so important. Even when you don't think you are you may be thristy or dehydrated (especially while flying I'm not sure about the facts behind it but simply flying dehydrates you I guess from altitude changes.....drink up) Also pass on alcohol and sodas which only bloat you and dehydrate more. If you need more of a lift that just plain water drop in some lemon or orange and maybe some stevia sweetener. I love hot tea with lemon!

Get a hotel with a gym. If yours doesn't have one thats ok there's so much you can still do. Using your own body weight is amazing; lunges, squats, push ups. I always pack along resistance bands and even a jump rope. Running around the city or town is a great way to explore your surroundings as well.

Get your sleep! My body is very sensitive to the time changes so I always try to catch up with my sleep get back into a rhythm.

Be strict at restaurants. This I've had to learn from the hard way. You really don't know how the food is prepared from the menus. So nicely ask that your food is prepared dry (without butter or much oil) and lightly seasoned to reduce all the salt. Stick with the basics lean meat (like chicken, sea food) and go for veggies steamed. Eating out is the hardest thing about being on the road but if you are nice to your waiters you can have more control over your food

Think ahead where you are going. If i'm flying i pack a lunch and whatever snacks I will need for that time.  Plan where you may eat as well. I have a great app on my phone where i can look up good restaurants around me. Try looking for vegetarian options I find these restaurants that offer good veg. options offer the best vegetable and clean options.

Be prepared by packing easy take along items like oatmeal, protein powders, nuts, dried and whole fruits, home made nutrition bars (or clean ones like luna, soyjoy, kashi etc)

What are some of the ways you stay healthy and fit while traveling? Email or write a comment would love to hear what you think!

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