Saturday, November 13, 2010

Prepping for Spain

This week has been crazy!!!!! This coming Monday, my father and I are flying out to Spain to play in a couple tournaments in order to qualify for the European Tour. We'll be out of the states for a little over a month. Its my first time out of North America so I'm a little anxious and nervous, but mainly excited to experience a new country. So this week began with a new workout regimen, Insanity! Believe me the name describes the workouts perfectly but thats what i wanted. So my Insanity challenge began one early morning in July watching the informicial. After watching it over and over, I was pumped. I usually don't buy into programs or informicals but the more i saw the informicial i just had to do get it just to see if i complete the two month challenge. So hopefully in 2 months you guys will hear (or maybe see) about my "dramatic" results, who knows but I do know I'm having a fun time trying. Ok moving on.... in preparing for my trip this week my parents and i have had to handle last minute arrangements for booking a condo (on the beach!) and rental car, as well as figuring out means for communication (basically meaning we won't be using cell phones because its expensive!! I'm going to have to rely on internet and skype to stay connected with every one), hmmm what else? We tried to set up my tomtom that was a wasted 2 or 3 hours. Oh.... and Packing! Yeah I've been pretty much trying to pack everything I own and will need into 2 bags.....will need to downsize definately! I cooked a few amazing meals, so check out the new additions in my recipe tab.  The carrot zucchini muffins are pretty addicting (try not to be close minded to the name. They're like a healthy version of carrot cake). Tomorrow I'll be organizing all my food to take to Spain....not to sure if I'll be cooking or baking anything for the trip but if i do I'll post the recipes before I fly out! Well thats all I have for now! Stay posted for more news from Spain :)

Thanks always for reading and following!

Also if anyone has any advice for traveling, eating, exercising internationally I would love to hear what you have to say!

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