Tuesday, November 23, 2010

stay with me!

Hey every one! Spain is interesting so far...unfortunately connecting to the internet has been an obstacle. Hopefully, I can stick to writing as much as possible. Im in the south coast of Spain where the weather is like the desert in where its cold and dry but when the sun comes out it can be warm. I've been practicing a lot every day since there's really not much other to do here. :) Monday my tournament starts for the q-school for the European Ladies Tour. Another obstacle that I've had to deal with is having my American food. The grocery stores here are not like home I can tell you that. The first time my father and I went I walked out of the store with a massive headache! My two years of high school Spanish really had to come out to try to figure out what I was looking at but then trying to figure what the ingredients were was another challenge in itself. So my peanut butter and protein powder I packed with me is like gold to me! I've decided to stick to what items I do know and unfortunately the meals have been pretty plain... so not too many new recipes to post at the moment. Tomorrow I'm really excited in trying the one dish I wanted to try in Spain...paella! Supposedly its like the Spanish version of Cajun dirty rice but they use all types of meat or seafood. So really the anticipation for paella is the most exciting thing happening at the moment! Friday my past teammate from Spain is coming down to play in the tournament on Monday. I'm really happy to see her its been a few years since she graduated from college. Ok readers I will do my best to stay posted and to take some interesting photos of my trip!

So what would be a good Spanish dish to try while I'm here? Would love to hear what you think!

Til next time!

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