Tuesday, October 5, 2010

work with me

Hi all, yeah so i intially planned on writing a lot sooner than a month from my first post! well lets see if i can fill you in on whats been going on. I've been traveling from New York for a futures tour event to California for the first stage of q-school (qualifying school for the LPGA) and I just came back from Florida from the 2nd attempt to qualify for q-school. Unfortunately I did not accomplish what i needed to....which freakin sucks! I'm not going to lie its been a major blow to not qualify for final stage of tour school so that my plan of playing on the LPGA tour next year would be taken care of.  The scores just haven't been showing up even though i've been playing great enough golf. Thats what i'm learning.... i expect a long career and some times there are set backs but the goal is to have shorter and shorter set backs. So I have two options: 1) to be upset and depressed because my plan isn't exactly unfolding as planned or 2) go qualify for the Furtures tour and the European Tour and go kick ass at the tournaments i play in. So I pick option 2 to keep playing the game I love with my head held high full of optimism for a great year. So currently I am home in Birmingham, Al. For the next two weeks, in preparation for my next tournament in Phoneix, I am fully committing to working on my game and getting it ready to go out and contend in Phoneix because that is why I practice, work out, and eat well for. You guys will hear over and over about my following of the Clean Eat Diet (www.cleaneatdiet.com). It is simply eating clean foods such as lean meats, veggies, fruits, and complete whole grains throughout the day and avoiding processed foods. So for the next two weeks I following the strictest version of the diet called cooler 1 so i can undo some of the travel and unclean eating i have consumed from simply traveling the last few months. Ok so thats it for now! Since i have the perfect time now....this week I will be working on my blog and hopefully i will be rewarded with readers!!!

with love

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