Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Rain follows golfers no question about it

Its the last week for the Lpga Futures Tour in Albany, Ny and what do you know.....rain. Fortunately, the weekend looks like good weather so I will be totally ready to tee it up. My caddy/ dad and I arrives here on Saturday and have been working hard on mapping out the greens by putting and chipping from everywhere. Its that kind of work that really matters in the end. Its always nice to be able to come up to a putt or chip and have a really good idea how its going to react....and that kind of information creates confidence which as we know is invaluable. This week I've really been busting a tush with my short game and Im proud to say that im seeing an improvement. Hopefully I'll get to play the course again before Friday.... but tomorrow isn't looking too optimistic :( Anyways..... I hope you all will follow me this week! (www.lpgafuturestour.com)

Until next time!

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