Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Back from a Quickie trip!

Hi Everyone!
Just drove in from a 850 mile drive from San Antonio, Texas where I played in a LPGA Futures event. On Monday I was in Mobile, Alabama for the LPGA's Monday qualifier. That was a long day and I played great on a tough course....ended up shooting 2 under but lost in a play off with another professional for one spot. Unfortunately after such a strong day, I didn't get in to the tournament. We didn't have much time to waste afterward. Dad and I drove to San Antonio for the Futures Tour event. I really enjoyed this city! As most of Texas is, this town was big! We were able to spend one evening on the waterwalk downtown which was so lively from the bustling of people. Also, the water canal and trees just made the area so beautiful. I ended up placing t22. I feel after the last few tournaments my game is really showing some solid consistency. So from here I have a few weeks home for May and then I'm gone for the whole summer! I just organized my tournament plans for the summer and its nuts how many places I'm going to be in such a short time, but its fun! May is going to a month committed to Family and Friends, as well as, some solid practice on the course and strength building in the gym. Stay tuned for some good recipes cooked this month as well as my full summer schedule!!!

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