Saturday, September 4, 2010

first post!

So this is my first post and first time ever to blog! As exciting as this is for me, I have to warn my readers (ha that sounds funny to me) that I'm so mentally and physically troubled with anything that deals with please be patient with me. Slowly and surely I'm sure I will get the hang of this eventually and hopefully when that momentous occasion occurs I will having a following who actually enjoys what I have to say and enjoy learning about my life. While setting up this blog site there is a section that says description about me....Well I thought I would just post about myself rather than having a point by point description. Hmmmm well I just finished up my four years of eligibility of playing golf for Auburn University. WAR EAGLE!!! College was an amazing experience for me to grow up in the person I am today as well as to meet some amazing people. School-wise I'm a little challenged : ) not seriously... majoring in Business I really had to work hard for my so so grades. So now I still have 3 more classes to complete to earn my degree. I will be completing 2 of those classes this fall. This summer has been crazy. I spent it traveling all over America and even Canada to play in amateur and professional golf tournaments. I officially turned professional in August. Surprisingly the progression from amateur/college golf to professional has been pretty easy in the sense of that its still golf only now I get paid to do it! Another big thing about me is that I'm really a health nut (as described by my dear friends from Auburn).  I'm really passionate about eating healthy and fitness and so a lot of this blog will be devoted to my every day experience (or struggle) with staying fit and clean while on tour and traveling from city to city at weeks or months at a time. Alright well i think this is enough for now.

Adios :)

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  1. Looks really good kid! I like it. Will definitely keep up with the blog and maybe have been inspired to start one for myself!!! Love you!